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More photos from Indri’s sony nex!


I look so very messy next to her! And check out the guy chewin on his swiss roll in the background.

I am seriously not used to bbf’s fuzzy-lika-baby-porcupine head.

Anyway. Last night i watched The Other Boleyn Girl- have wanted to ever since i read the book- and it has absolutely nothing on the novel. That’s saying quite a lot, considering how everyone who watched the movie told me how much they liked it and when i asked them to read the book they went all oh naw its okay, ive watched the movie and it was ab fab.

THE MOVIE HAS NOTHING ON THE BOOK, im telling you, nothing. Somehow i felt like the movie was shallow, skimming over too many things even though it spanned an hour fifty five. I understand that that’s how it is with books-turned-movies, but after watching it i am doubly, no strike that, triply convinced that everyone should read the book.


uh okay. The movie has hot girls though.

Anyway. Have started on Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy but i couldnt get past chapter four because 1. it has the tiny font so characteristic of Tess of the D’urbervilles and 2. given my work schedule the only time i really have to read is on the train therefore 3. it gives me somewhat of a bitch of a headache. Also, although chapter four seems like plenty, this is one of those books that has this idea that five pages make up a chapter, so dont be unduly impressed.

Its something like those annoying math questions where you think you got off lightly with two questions as homework, but then you get home and realise it had parts a b c d e f g h i j and youre just like dude thats not a question. Thats like, a life story. And i dont care whether your watermelons are distributed normally or not. Just the other way round.

In other news, i guess my coffee drinking habits has landed me a spot in this tumblr project by a guy in the states called project COFFEEHOLIC which is kinda funny when you think about it. Anyway, it gives me a legit reason to drink as much coffee as i do, so im not about to complain.

Yesterday night before i turned in, it suddenly struck me that it has been exactly eight months and i have yet to develop my virgin roll of film which has been sitting on my table.. just sitting there. I remember snips and snaps of what september’10 was like with me running around shooting anything that would stay still enough for me to  take it’s picture because i was so excited at getting my first film camera. Blurry, probably overexposed shots of us, shots of coffee, shots of shoes, shots. When i look at pictures, it sometimes triggers olfactory memories and i get easily overwhelmed. That’s the bit that leaves me uncertain now, uncertain of whether to send it in for washing or not. Some things are better left undeveloped.