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June, 2016

Here’s to the tiny girl who lived opposite me, who studied till late with me and discussed life directions and theories, who unapologetically taught me (us all) the value in being fearless. The one who debated the merits of Katherine vs Bianca, Petruchio vs Lucentio. Kiss me, Kate! and all that jazz.

She got married this summer, in the most Ranice way possible. It is only when you know her that you will understand how it is possible for Ranice to move from Name to Verb.

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In true Ranice fashion, we gathered around, screamed jokes, pretended not to cry, and sung Justin Bieber on karaoke. Honestly, wedding karaoke is the best. I dont know why it isnt a staple yet.

Now vs back then: nothing much has changed except context, which is just the way we like it. Has it really been nine years? Hoboy.

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All our love. x