One thing I’d forgotten about while in the US was the constant pitting of Shane and my music tastes against each other. Quick question: in the car, who decides the playlist, the driver, or the passenger? Shane and I have completely contrary choices in music, given that I listen mainly to musical soundtracks and he listens to trash, aka, viral tiktok songs. Plus, neither of us like to take turns. Cue: an endless wrestling over the sound controls…

It brings me great shame to say that Shane’s recent obsession, which I couldn’t stand at first, has gotten to me. It’s a song for children and includes a backing track of baby’s laughter, which gives me actual nightmares. Recently, every time he’s pulled up at my void deck, it’s been the same: with his phone already plugged in and the song in mid-blast. Usually I’d wait till he starts driving, then try to sneakily unplug his phone and replace it with mine… but the other day, I was making eggs alone in the middle of the night, and when the oil hit the pan, and sizzled, I found myself murmuring, Ping! Ping! A submarine, Phew! Phew! helicopter, which was when I knew that I was, unequivocally, losing it.