1. “hard to focus??”
2. “are migraines normal for your mid-twenties”
3. “coronavirus nyc”
4. “durian flowering season”; “types”
5. “this is not a pipe”; “treachery of images”
6. “how to make espresso at home”
7. “what do bed bugs eat”
8. “mask breakout”; “mask-cne”
9. “first amendment rights”
10. “gunny sack”; “cleaver”; “duri”
11. “bad behavior during coronavirus”
12. “platypus milk”
13. “contact tracing scout”; “reddit” “corona”
14. “is jajabings useless”
15. “is scrivener worth it”
16. “why is Gmail so slow”; “is Gmail slow”
17. “how to speed up computer”
18. “time dilation”
19. “how to eat spicy food”; “improve spice tolerance”
20. “where is my bin google docs”