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So guys, it’s been about seven months now since I’ve started renting my own office space (jeez, time flies) and it still remains one of my best decisions to date. Most of you who follow my Snapchat/Instagram will know that I work out of this coworking space called The Hive, where I have a fixed desk that I intensively decorate with everything I can find, and I’m of the firm belief that liking where you work/ the environment you work in makes a colossal difference to the level of happiness you feel when coming in to work ie. Not wanting to kill yourself when you wake up in the morning to drag your ass to work…

But the thing is, being a freelancer of sorts means that I’m always on the go, and so much of my work requires me to move not just in between spaces in Singapore but also out of it, from country to country. And my membership to The Hive gives me access to Hive locations all over the world, which I’m immensely thankful for because it means that I can work reliably out of different countries whenever I travel to places where The Hive has a set up! A bit like those gyms that give you global memberships I suppose.. but for mobile workspaces instead. Recently I was in Bangkok, Thailand, and so I just had to pop in to The Hive, Bangkok (Thong Lor) to check out the space for myself.

The Hive Bangkok Thong Lor
Piman 49, 49 40/9 Soi Sukhumvit 49, 40/9 Klang Alley,
Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand


The first thing that struck me was just how open and well lit the space was. Much like The Hive Singapore, the Bangkok location relies heavily on natural lighting to give its wood-chic aesthetic a calm, relaxing vibe. Wifi is strong, and powerpoints are wired to each desk. Given the cost of living in Bangkok compared to Singapore, I could totally imagine myself relocating to Bangkok for a couple of months and working out of the Hive if I needed a break from the Singapore scene desperately without wanting to stop work completely..


Theres also a rooftop cafe and outdoor space where you can get a beer or coffee and hold casual meetings or just take a breather in the middle of the work day. I hear that they screen movies on the roof once a month too, which is something my own office back in Singapore is starting to do. Fun times!

And perhaps the most enticing part of The Hive Bangkok – in the basement sits The Hive Spa, which we definitely do not have in Singapore. But it makes so much sense for the geographical location of the place, for what is a trip to Thailand without at least one good massage? Can you imagine breaking off for a foot massage when things get too intense in the middle of your work day? It sounds like perfection to me..



I believe members get 50% off the spa as well. I checked, and the monthly dedicated desk in the Thong Lor location is about a third what it costs in Singapore, at about 200+ a month. So if I ever decide to migrate to Bangkok, that’s my workspace all set already…

Visiting The Hive Bangkok just reconfirmed what I already knew – that The Hive truly is the best coworking space ever 😀 Love it that my Singaporean membership gives me access to the other locations. Currently besides the one I work in in Singapore and this one, there’s another one in another area of Bangkok and three in Hong Kong. I can’t wait for them to expand even more so I can turn into a full on digital nomad and just country hop from place to place, working off my laptop..

And yet another thing that made the Hive Thong Lor so perfect for me:

The Hive Thong Lor is located in Klang Alley, which also seats a bunch of gorgeous cafes, in case you ever need a change of scenery. After visiting the office, I went for a short cafe-hopping romp around the area, and I can safely say that they’re some of the best / most memorable cafes in Bangkok I’ve visited! Would totally recommend working out of the Hive for a half-day if need be, then getting a massage, and walking around the area if youre on a work and leisure trip…

Cafes within walking distance of the Hive:

1. Rocket Coffeebar S.49


Right next to The Hive is Rocket Coffeebar S.49.

Rocket Coffeebar is an instagrammer’s dream come true. It’s full of great natural light, wood, marble, and the ever trendy succulents. The coffee is fantastic as well, and they have these really interesting looking pastries which we ordered to share. Looks like a cross between a cupcake and doughnut – the one we got was apple crumble flavoured, so in the middle of the pastry you’d cut into a tumble of warm sugared apple cubes. Interesting concept, but I do think in all honesty that it looks better than it tastes.. would stick to the coffee, although it made for a memorable experience!

There were a couple of people working off their computers in Rocket as well, and the crowd seemed to consist trendy millennials with huge headphones and round framed glasses. You know the type.


Rocket Coffebar S.49
46, 21/13 Klang Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea,
Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand



Right across Rocket you have D’ark, which has a similar duplex style layout. We didn’t stay long because it looked so similar to Rocket, so I think this is an either-or situation for you. I hear their coffee is really good though.

3. Organika Teahouse

Sitting on top of D’ark, on the top floor of the same building, lies Organika Teahouse. One of the best kept secrets in the area, I feel, and discovered through Foursquare, the app that has become super uncool but which I still swear by. Organika is actually attached to their in-house spa, so their clientele consists mostly of ladies waiting for their spa session to begin, or hanging around after their facials. But it’s free for all to walk in and have a cuppa, so do feel free.


Walking into Organika is like leaving Bangkok and stepping into a fairytale. It’s so different from the outside world that you’ll blink a few times upon entering – the lift opens into a dark, woody lobby, which then opens up into this incredibly bright and leafy teahouse which feels like a very, very upscale version of the treehouses we read about in storybooks as kids. There are actual trees growing indoors, which is pretty incredible, and the entire effect is very relaxing and calming. Sanctuary is the word we are looking for here.

The cafe is expensive by Bangkok standards, which is to say, it costs about what you would pay for a teahouse in Singapore, perhaps. I spent about twenty bucks on a tea based cocktail with panna cotta on the side, which i think is pretty reasonable..


Stayed for about an hour because it was so relaxing that we didn’t feel like leaving. An hour under the trees, sipping cocktails.. not bad at all.

They also have the best restroom I’ve ever seen in my life..

Located at 6 fl., Piman49, Soi Sukhumvit49
Bangkok, Thailand
Open everyday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

4. Starbucks Sukhumvit 49

Lastly! Just down the road from The Hive sits one of the most gorgeous Starbucks outlets I’ve seen in Bangkok, the one in The 49 Terrace. I’ve blogged about it in depth before, which you can read here. But if you’ve already read that post, here’s a picture of a dog I met there instead..



I really can’t think of a better neighbourhood in Bangkok to be working out of. Good coffee, good food, the chance of running into a cute dog.. and of course, the perfection that is The Hive Thong Lor itself, with all that any freelancer on the go needs. So happy I managed to drop by and visit another Hive location around the world – can’t wait to see what the others turn out to be like! Hong Kong next, perhaps? 🙂

You can work out of the Hive Thong Lor on a day-pass of 350BHT, which works out to 14SGD/day for those of you travelling to Bangkok for an extended period of time/ on a work trip and needing a place to sit and work. I seriously cannot recommend the Hive enough, being someone who works out of it regularly in Singapore. And now I can’t wait to go back to Bangkok and spend more time in The Hive there as well! The workaholic life is real. But if you had such a gorgeous space to work out of, wouldn’t you?

The Hive Bangkok Thong Lor
Piman 49, 49 40/9 Soi Sukhumvit 49, 40/9 Klang Alley,
Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand