All my friends back home wanted to know how I spent my first American Halloween, America being the one place halloween is an actual cultural touchpoint and not simply a means by which one gains free entry to Zouk… well the very unexciting truth is that I put on some disco pants, sat down on the couch with an open bottle of red, and did not move for four hours, until the parties going on all around the upper west side were well over, after which, i slumped off the edge of the couch, sloped down to the grocery store where i took this photo, and then thought i may as well have a beer at the bar, which i did with my girlfriend kate, until it got too noisy with the energy of post-partygoers on the better side of their twenties, the incentive for me to shuffle home, put on some tea, and do a face mask till it was time to drift off to dreams.

so went my twenty-seventh year.