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One of the things I loved most about living in the States: the online shopping. Boy oh boy – the online shopping. A highlight from four years ago, in New York: scoring the Sephora Sun Disk Bronzer for three bucks online, as opposed to the instore price of twenty three… without even having to leave the house. And that brings us to point number two – online exclusives, sales, and the like.

Sephora has become such an integral part of our beauty scene that we sometimes forget how new a player it is locally – it opened its first store in Singapore in 2008, less than ten years ago. Today, I cannot imagine going a week without popping in to a Sephora.. if only to browse their new stock, or stock up on my eyeliner refills. The one thing I’d regretted the past few years was not being able to Shop Sephora online– daydreams and memories of that one time I scored the best deal ever on the Sun Disk still fresh in my mind.

Well, dream no more.

For the first time in forever, Sephora is online in the region!! You know what this means – ONLINE SEPHORA BROWSING, 24/7. I cant believe it!


Sephora SG sent me a care package earlier this week to celebrate the launch of their online store, which was in all honesty, them preaching to the converted. Online make up boutiques are my numero uno. I have to confess: I have the terrible habit of going overboard. Last week I bought five lipsticks from the same line – all in different colors! But the beauty industry is something that is so fluid and experimental, and one is almost expected to keep changing it up – which is, of course, what I tell myself when I’m checking out a ton of items in my cart. All in the name of beauty.

PS. I especially loved the custom engraved make up brush kit…


And in line with our generation of instant gratification, Sephora SG promises to deliver all local orders within 2-4 business days, and all international ones within 5-6. Free shipping for all orders above $40, which basically translates to, what, two lipsticks? And constant expansion of the online selection. I’m personally holding out for the inevitable inclusion of online exclusives, and online flash sales, which as any seasoned shopper knows, is bound to happen.

Thank you for the love, Sephora SG Would chat more, but I’ve got some shopping to do – as do you. x

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