Outfit: Topshop
Pictures: Nikon D5500 on a 18-55mm lens

Quick poll: is this a leopard print skirt or is it just a lot of pandas? Anyway.

Dusky days out with the boyfriend. The air conditioned domed things along the Gardens that look like alien eggs always struck me as a slightly odd structure, but my first time there changed everything. They were having a fairytale-inspired tulip exhibition which we wanted to check out, so we braved the heat down one Saturday in May – and I do mean braved: it was thirty three degrees, all the non air conditioned flowers were wilting.


They were also giving out free tulips that looked like they came right out of a Beautex tissue box

It was altogether a very touristy experience, fighting the throngs of other people jostling to get a good shot of the flowers. How did I get those relatively untouched shots above then, you ask? That’s a secret I’ll never spill… though it does have to do with Shane’s impressive intimidation skills. Ha.


Perhaps the best part of the entire experience was finally settling down for tea in Pollen, their in-house restaurant in the Flower Dome. Unreasonably expensive, for sure, but an amazing respite from the crowds. What d’you know – we found the one crowd repellant more effective than mosquitoes. Overpriced brunch. I called it, you guys. You heard it here first.