December, 2014

And let me clarify first and foremost that I know that it is absolutely, completely, totally my fault. Two consecutive science examinations and knowledge-of-science standing at 0%, I really need to stop classifying impossible pursuits as challenges, as in, challenge: accepted. Not that I’ll have a chance to repeat my stupidity since I’m graduating in a two shakes of a bunny tail but still.

It seems like ever since getting news of my acceptance + scholarship for Masters, all I can think of is graduating from this stage of academia so I can move on to the next. I’m unreasonably excited about it, actually, and my excitement is revealing me to be an embarrassing sort of nerd. On the flip side, however, it does mean that I’m getting a little fussed at the last two examinations standing between me and that, especially since I’m pretty done with my writing and I’m just left with SCIENCE MODS I DONT LIKE. Yesterday twelve hours at starbucks had me grumbling under my breath why do i need to know anything about long chain fatty acids beyond not eating them in my food, causing quite a bit of alarm in the people at the next table.. but yeah, either way, I’ve always justified subjects that would be otherwise irrelevant to my life as good character training: eat your veggies, learn to be disciplined at things you’re called to do, etcetera. Also, consequently, I’ve been updating my book blog more than I have this one (oops). One on screenplay recommendations, one on recent reads and literary happenings, one on fav books.

How do you write women so well?

(as he turns
toward her)
I think of a man and take away
reason and accountability.

So, if you haven’t…

I swear, I had more things to talk about when I opened up the compose post tab on my browser. But I think in light of the work that has to be done.. they flew right out of my head of their own volition. Procrastination will only cooperate so far. Till next time, then.