All photos taken with the Nikon DF on a 35mm lens.

Mocha Mondays is a new and semi-regular feature on cafes and how workable they are, for freelancers or students looking for a place to park themselves at while getting work done. It may or may not actually feature mocha.

Despite the slightly cheesy signboard and the honestly ubiquitous name, The Coffee Shot was something of a pleasant surprise. Happy Mocha Monday you guys, today we’re along the lines of Lavender.

The Coffee Shot
Famous for: Unsure
Seats: Sufficient
Wifi: Yes
Power points: Yes

I reached at eleven thirty in the morning and I was basically the only customer there for nearly the entirety of the time I had my brunch. Which was surprising, because their food and drinks are actually pretty decent. Possibly not that many people know about them – they’re not on the typical cafe stretch down Jalan Besar where Bravery, Windowsill pies, and so on reside – but actually nearer the Singapore Casket building. Hmm.


I had a sugarless cafe latte, and a smoked salmon (duh) breakfast set. The coffee was decent, not the best I’ve had, but far from the worst. What really took me aback, however, was the scrambled eggs pictured above. They tasted like a Gordon Ramsay youtube video. You know the one. If nothing else, The Coffee Shot sure knows their eggs.


My brunch date had the tomato and cheese focaccia brunch set with a cappuccino, which I didn’t try but which looked pretty damn good as well. I mean, you see those eggs repeated there.

Something minor which I found curiously adorable was the hashtag/clover latte art, which was just.. a breath of fresh air from the normal heart/ leaf latte art. The entire brunch cost about twenty bucks I think, for food and a coffee, which is pretty average pricing for brunch, if a bit on the high side, but the way I see it – it comes with the added advantage of being able to plant yourself in a quiet cafe all afternoon without risking being thrown out when it gets busy. I mean, half the time we were in there, the staff were just lepak-ing outside, reinforcing their entirely chill attitude towards customers sitting around.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

The Coffee Shot
103 Lavender Street
Singapore 338725
Opening Hours
Monday: 10:00am to 10:00pm
Wednesday to Saturday: 10:00am to 10:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am to 7:00pm
Telephone: (65) 6299 5909