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Pictures taken on the Nikon D610, with a 35mm lens.

imagesQueenstown, New Zealand.

Queenstown and its surrounding areas were amazing. Coming down twenty minutes from Arrowtown, I don’t know what exactly I expected from Queenstown except sheep (no luck), but the entire place was a geographical gem. Nestled snugly between the surrounding lakes and mountains, the buildings were all strategically low rise – for what other backdrop do you need, really? The town knows it cannot and will not compete, its strategy is to complement nature to perfection. I’ve already blogged about where I stayed in Queenstown, now, let me follow it up with a short narrative on the city. When you’re a city girl, used to New York paced walking and Singaporean breathlessness, coming to somewhere so relaxed can be a little unnerving. First day – I felt my fingers constantly twitching towards my phone, checking for emails and updates from back home. Second day – I jumped out of a plane and learned to let things go. In this way do we live.

I had some of the best coffee in Queenstown (Vudu Cafe, if anyone is interested), but the best thing about meals in the town was packing it up, driving ten minutes out of the city centre, and dining by a lake.


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At night Queenstown comes to life in a whole different way – everything closes early, and the streets are lit with a slightly eerie glow, but even just grabbing an ice cream from the 24/7 supermart and strolling around the town is a completely new kind of magical.


In sum:
Queenstown is one of those places you kind of have to stop at when doing the entire South island stretch. It’s a landing base from which the beauty that is Lake Wanaka and the likes of Arrowtown can be explored, but more than that, it holds its own as a destination. Next stop: Skydiving on the outskirts of Queenstown.