Tan leather jacket: Lowry’s Farm | Upcoming Sequinned babydoll dress c/o hervelvetvase | Rose gold bangle c/o the ordinary co| Classic St. Andrews Timepiece c/o Daniel Wellington Watches | Gold Glitter capped ballet flats: Zalora

Pictures taken on the Nikon D610, on a 35mm lens

What I really want to know is – am I the only person who started out not liking Taylor Swift, but now finds herself looping her latest album on repeat? Because I can’t be.

In other news, my eighteen years of math education (seriously, has it been 18 years? That’s way too long.) has finally come to good use – today I walked into a Lowry’s Farm and bought a pair of silver sandals, the tan leather jacket you see in the pictures above, a literal boyfriend tee, and jewellery for less than what it would have cost to buy the tan jacket alone. They were having some scale discount system in store (the Tampines outlet) where if you get five items and above, you get 50% off the entire bill. I don’t understand how this hasn’t been exploited to death. Do they just really want to get rid of everything or am I secretly a math/economics shopping genius? Whatever rocks my boat, I suppose.


Lunch with the accidental hipster. Seriously, those frames.


In line with my newfound successes with financial management, it pleases me to announce that Fish and Co is also currently making it very attractive to be a student right now – their new student meal boasts full sized mains with a drink at ten dollars nett, if ordered before 5pm. Once again, I just don’t get it. That’s less than how much it would cost to buy the main alone, by a good 50%. Is the whole world going mad or do I just not get mathematics / economics very well?

Ah well. I spent the rest of the day doing what I do best, which is exactly nothing. My last college semester starts in a couple of days and till then, I’m really owning this whole year-end break thing, spending my days rolling around in bed and reading Sandman comics in between naps. It’s a temporary situation that is ever rare, and there are no complaints to be had.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year x