Stateland wool coat in Black c/o The Closet Lover | Cream tank top: Topshop | Black pants: Zara | Heels: Topshop Istanbul | White bucket bag c/o Hervelvetvase
Pictures taken on the Nikon D610, with a 35mm lens.
Photography by Keziah Wei and myself

imagesArrowtown, New Zealand.

First post of many to come featuring our hop down the wonder that is New Zealand’s geography. We spent one night in Arrowtown, New Zealand, which is twenty minutes drive from Queenstown – a quaint little town that had approximately nothing except beauty. I quickly came to realize that this would characterize most of my journey down South Island. The main street was literally that: one single street with adorable shophouses on both ends, candy stores, expensive restaurants.

How is this a tourist trap? I asked. It’s tiny.

And then we turned down the street and onto the banks of Arrow River.


These wildflowers are called lupins, and are largely considered to be an annoying sort of weed. Our first night in New Zealand, it was cold. As I stood in our apartment by the kettle waiting to make hot soup, I thought to myself how beautiful things often had the capacity to be a nuisance, and laughed a little. Arrowtown was beautiful, and small. A pretty stopover for a night if youre coming from Queenstown, quickly overshadowed by greater and more scenic destinations, but still retaining a little of it’s sweet first-night flavor.

Next stop: Queenstown.