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The Paper Bunny x Jemma, 2016 Planner

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.
-Oscar Wilde, The Importance of being Earnest

Hey you guys,

This is something I’m so freaking excited about that I’ve been keeping quiet for a really long time.

So sometime at the start of the year, late January, early Feb maybe, Jaime and I sat down for a casual lunch at Veganburg to discuss life and dreams. And from there, the idea for the TPB x Jemma planner was conceived. As something of a litgeek myself, luxe stationery is something I find myself pouring over with lust and love.. but of course, the perfectionist in me picks out things I’d want to improve, or that I wish were included.

Enter: The TPB x Jemma 2016 Planner! This planner was about 8 months in the works, and I have Jaime and her team to thanks for endlessly working on the design and illustrations, all of which I am 0% gifted at. On my end, I drew inspiration for quirks and features I wanted included in a planner I’d actually use myself by browsing bookstores from all over my travels, and sourced a reservoir of quotes to be peppered across the planner. They were originally all going to be literary quotes (you’ll see my adoration for Eliot and Twain pop up between the pages), but later they expanded to include my favourite inspirational quotes from all over – books i’ve read, figures i admire, the charming laughter and snippets of conversations I overhear in bars..


The Planner comes in three iterations – Pink, Black, and Marble

The TPBxJemma planner has everything I’d want in my own planner, obviously. Everything I dreamed of when flipping through my various planners over the years. First things first: it’s light. It’s a slim volume, made of fine paper, easily slipped into a handbag. I have a penchant for creamy, thick, paper myself, but for 365 days – I prioritise the ability to actually carry my baby around. Secondly: it’s got the calendar month view at the start of every month, for an overview, and then at the top of each page so you know where at the year you’re at. Each month has it’s own side tab as well for easy flipping – it drives me nuts when planners dont have this.


A closer look inside the planner x

Thirdly: it’s got a generic birthday&celebrations page, a goals page, and a budgeting page. A to-do segment at the side of each day’s space. Things I actually need, and use.

And lastly, it’s got character. There are ways to tell every story. We have sifted through works from past and present to bring together a neat little collection of powerful quotes from writers of classic and contemporary literature that pepper the planner, and I hope that they’ll inspire you as you continue to pen down your own story from the day to day in this agenda – read, write, and make it sensational.


I have also put together a little video showing you what the flip through of the planner is like in real life – I hope you like it!

Filmed on my gopro and edited in iMovie – one of my first attempts at video editing, so please be kind!


To celebrate the launch of a year of hard work, TPB and I want to give you the best gift we can think of – the best start to your new year. We have collaborated with Ready To Tour and my old flame Nikon Singapore for an epic giveaway, running one week from today.


We are giving away:

A trip for 2 to Khao Lak, Phuket, inclusive of accommodation, flights, and itinerary c/o Ready To Tour
A Nikon 1 J5 camera c/o Nikon Singapore so you can shoot gorgeous pictures of your amazing beach holiday
2 TPB x Jemma 2016 planners of your choice, the best planner in the world, obviously.


All you have to do, is match us –

1) Post any photo on your Instagram and share about your best moment of 2015;
2) Tag and Follow our partners @ReadyToTour, @NikonSG, @JemmaWei and @ThePaperBunny; and
3) Hashtag #YourBestStartToTheYear,

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Singaporean Residents only!

The giveaway runs one week from today and will end on the 8th of November. All the same, I wouldn’t leave it a week – start early! And remember to keep your instagram account public, so we can see your entries.

Alright then! I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am, because that is a lot. It’s been a long year – now go and make the next one great already.

The Paper Bunny x Jemma 2016 Planner drops in stores and online Wednesday, 4th November.