Top c/o Earlgreyparty | Palazzo Pants from H&M | Hat c/o Bebe Singapore | Heels from Topshop Istanbul | Necklace c/o Klarra | L20104 timepiece from Guy Laroche

If I can’t wake up to this view, I can at least wake up unreasonably early to take a cab down and across the sea (somewhat) to catch the first rays of light.. No, that doesn’t sound quite right, does it? Between a hat that seems to have lost all original will to shape and a DIY jumpsuit crafted from an all black ensemble, the best thing about this look appears to be the gorgeous timepiece that made a cameo in my Haircare post a couple of weeks ago. Leather straps and a rose gold face. Roman numericals. It’s amazing how something so subtle pulls together a whole look. Suddenly it’s not sloppy, it’s laid back chic. It’s not taking refuge in a single color, it’s luxuriating in shades of black. I’m not a yawning, lazy girl shaking off the cobwebs of sleep. I’m punctual and put together. And I know what time it is. (Always, always tiger time. Or is that joke too old already?)

Thank you for this exquisite piece, Guy Laroche!
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