Jemma Dress c/o Earlgreyparty | Watch c/o Daniel Wellington | Heels: Topshop | Photos by Andrea

Am I overwearing this dress? Probably. Do I really care? Hmm..

Anyway. I just popped in to talk briefly about my latest beauty obsession – japanese lash extensions! Not exactly my latest obsession per se, since anyone who’s been following me for awhile knows that I’m addicted to lash extensions because a very lazy part of me likes the option of waking up and being ready to go bare faced anytime, but a refreshed version of a beauty staple for me, perhaps? I was invited by iLash Bar to try their lash extensions recently, and I think it’s safe to say I’m never going back to regular extensions again.


Me with regular lashes, ready to be made over, heh heh!

I know, i know. There’s always falsies. But I hate getting glue all over my fingers while trying to stick on falsies which always end up crooked somehow, and more crucially, I dont want to spend my mornings adding more steps to my make up routine! The idea is to be more efficient. Read: lazy.


iLash Bar employs a full staff of japanese beauticians, so in any case you know you’re getting the authentic japanese stuff. Previously, I’d just go to any random shop in Far East to get my lashes done, and while they serve their purpose for dramatic enhancements and onscreen impact during shoots, they’re always a little inconvenient to have around because they’re so stiff. Half the time i end up knocking them a little askew before the month is up. I was enthusiastically assured by the iLash Bar technicians that this wouldnt happen with the Japanese extensions because they’re individually attached to each lash instead of mass-applied like with normal extensions, and so far they seem to be holding up pretty well to the guarantee. Before getting the extensions done, you also do a short consultation session with your beautician to discuss the shape and type of lash extensions you want, instead of simply subscribing to a cookie cutter design like in other stores. I picked something called the Sexy Unlimited (heh, these Japanese people!) lash because I wanted something that curved outwards, and I love how it turned out to be everything I wanted it to be!

In fact..


Perfecting the I-woke-up-like-this morning selfie

I took this picture the other day after just waking up, pre-makeup. Look at the curve of that lash! How lush it is! I don’t mean to gush, but they’re the softest lash extensions I’ve ever done, and this is coming from someone who’s been extending her lashes monthly for over a year. I feel like I have a little japanese bird fluttering on my eyelids everytime I blink. For the more casual make up user, it could even replace a daily eyeliner routine – I like my eyeliner thick and solid, but otherwise I feel like I’d be fine walking out with just the lash extensions on. And it’s a bonus, but they’re insanely low maintenance – I forget they’re there most of the time and just get a happy surprise when photos turn out better in general because they really just wake up your face.

Anyway! The good people of iLash Bar are giving all of you guys a generous discount if you’re interested in getting something like this done.


The prices now are about 100SGD for the natural lash extensions, 120SGD for the luscious ones, and 150SGD for the sexy ones, but you can get any style you want at 80SGD when you quote JEMMAWEI – it’s nearly 50% off if you get what I did, which was basically the Sexy Unlimited Eyelash heh heh. If you want something more natural, talk to your beautician, but I was pretty clear on what I wanted and boy oh boy do I love it.

You can iLash Bar hotline at 63373177 to book an appointment – I did mine at the Bugis outlet (#02-43) but they have another outlet in Raffles City Shopping Center too. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking to add a little pizzaz into their look.. or anyone, really. Eyelash extensions are a thing, you guys, and it’s time to get on board.

Thank you for having me, iLash Bar! x