Photos taken with Nikon 1 J2 c/o Nikon Singapore and Canon 500d on 50f1.8 prime lens

imagesInverness, Scotland.
We went to Scotland in search of the elusive Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye in May. Unfortunately they remain just that – elusive – because due to unfortunate copywriting and a completely hopeless car rental company, we couldn’t get our pre-booked car to drive up to the Isle. Stuck in Inverness which was never meant to be more than a base from which to explore the Isle for two days, we ended up booking a last minute cruise down the Loch Ness hoping for at least one otherworldly story to take home from Scotland.

No one was surprised at the lack of sightings (Nessie’s very shy / Have you seen her before? / Of course), but we did sail to the most beautiful Urquhart Castle ruins where the boyfriend tried to convince me that the poncho is an acceptable fashion statement (it isn’t) and where i got my Mary Poppins moment, very briefly.

It was one of the last cold trips we made, but oh Scotland, even without fairies no one can deny that there’s a sort of old charm about you.