Hogwarts shirt: Primark | Cat eyed Sunnies: Primark | Grey leather jacket: H&M | Black skirt: H&M | Black leather backpack: | Watch: Swatch

imagesInverness, Scotland
Not the actual Hogwarts castle, but hey, at least it’s Hagrid’s homeland. Is it close enough? Talk about aiming for the moon and hitting the stars.. or something along those lines. I very accidentally walked right into discovering an empty Primark store one afternoon in Scotland, and till then I didn’t even know the words empty and Primark could be used in the same sentence. I guess noone knew about this outlet. As I approached the huge building, excited, my pace quickening, my boyfriend looked worriedly at me and tugged at my hand. Jem.. just because it’s Primark doesnt mean you have to buy anything, okay?

I stared at him: Shane, your jokes aren’t funny.

He got all offended, but hey, I got new clothes.
Boys, am I right.


Also, I’m back on the show! New Primark Episode up here: