I was reading an article the other day titled something along the lines of ‘How to make dinner when you’re broke as fuck‘ and I felt like I could really relate, you know? Part of living like a student really just means you have no money all the time because you spent it all trying to support your sushi addiction. Or is that just me? Oh well. Could be crack.

Anyway. Just wanted to say that, and now I’m not sure why I started with that.. Regardless. The other day I was sitting around craving the tuna pasta salad from a couple of posts back, but because it was positively storming, the boyfriend asked if I could make something warm instead. So between that and the vague craving for a refreshing tuna pasta salad.. this weird citrus aglio olio tuna pasta dish was born. I really liked it though, so that’s another one to document here:


Some olive oil (I used about 3 tablespoons)
3 cloves of garlic
Lemon Zest
2 Eggs
1 can of tuna
Mint leaves (optional)


1. Cook pasta according to package instructions. I used salted water, I like how it makes my pasta taste. Approx 10 mins. Set aside one cup of pasta water and drain when done.

2. While pasta is cooking, peel and crush garlic on chopping board and grate your lemon till you have about a tablespoon or two of zest. How much you want depends on how refreshing you want your pasta to be.

3. Heat olive oil in a pan, and throw in garlic when hot. Stir till fragrant.

4. Add pasta, pasta water, lemon zest, tuna, and stir well on low heat for about three to five minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

5. Dish out and serve immediately. Arrange mint leaves in shape of a star for instagram.


Hard boil two eggs and slice them up to serve with pasta. I use eggs for everything because they’re so damn cheap, also, I get bored waiting for my pasta to cook so I always use the time to make other random bits of food that can be thrown in with the main dish.



Technically you could replace the tuna with chicken or ham or even just not use it altogether, but I was craving tuna. The hot pasta is really interesting when cross bred with citrus which is meant to be refreshing and cooling – I loved it!! Everything used was also relatively cheap / ingredients can probably be found in your kitchen at home.

It also just occurred to me that I post way too many pasta recipes here when I really am more of an asian food person.. so I’ll probably post an asian recipe next.