Merci-Bien knit top c/o Earlgreyparty, Kyar wrap skirt in black c/o Earlgreyparty, both as seen onscreen here, Gold bag from Guangzhou, Fur lined black leather coat from Guangzhou.

images London, England
I don’t know why people always tell me London’s all grey and gloom. I’ve never seen such a rich and multicolored city, more so than – dare i say it? – Paris, even. Of course, the asian in me gravitated towards Chinatown almost everyday, but when you’ve got dimsum as good as the one you get in London’s Chinatown that’s really all the justification you need. Partly because it was just so comforting to be back in an English speaking country without the constant struggle with German verbs and partly because the weather was so gorgeous for the week I was there, I was in love with the city by the end of day one. The only disappointment was, I kind of expected to see Tom Hiddleston and Kate Middleton roaming the streets but no, horror of horrors, I bumped into neither despite being all prepared to either throw myself and my camera at them or see how many times I could hug them under the pretense of promoting international diplomatic relations. Imagine my disappointment.

Regardless, notwithstanding my celebrity-less encounter with the city, two things easily made my trip: Matilda the Musical, and flying thousands of miles to be finally reunited with my best friend of seven years.



I’ve always maintained that I left my heart in New York, but if I still had it to give away this city would be a close call. See you within the year, London.