imagesLondon, Earl’s Court
Hello you guys, I’m on the go in London currently so iPhone snaps only for now here and on instagram, but can I just say how happy I am to finally be back in a city where everyone speaks English? I mean, the bus was playing S Club 7 yesterday morning and I nearly cried. What I am saying is, it is nice not to be the most clueless person on the street for once. Also, city life beckons and I’ve never felt more at ease. I kind of wish I’d brought my heels, but hey, Topshop is what London’s known for am I right.

Make no mistake though, I’ve been annoying the hell out of everyone by pointing and yelling excitedly at everything I see, from street names I recognize from monopoly to yelling LONDON BABY! at all my friends, Tribbiani style. It’s a great city and I’m in love so far, though painfully aware of my rapidly deflating purse – everything here is so expensive that paying 8 bucks for bubble tea is starting to sound.. reasonable..

Anyway! That’s all I really dropped in to say. Beautiful, beautiful country, and that I really should have more of an opinion on how they colonialized my home country for years and years, but I don’t. Much love from the +44!