Leather panelled cardigan c/o mollyfromspace | Necklace from Bangkok | Green Tank Top from MNG | Skirt from H&M | Socks from Korea | Doc Mart inspired booties c/o infinitepixie | custom designed laptop case c/o Snupped | Photography by Adrian and Ceph from Uniquecolours

There are a lot of things going on in today’s post so lets just get all the specific discount goodies for you guys up front first. Quote MFSXJW for a 5% discount off any purchase from Mollyfromspace (see more here) and BACK2SCHOOL for a 10% discount off custom designed laptop cases from Snupped. We good? We good.

Alright, now on to the post proper. I never thought I’d hear the words leather and cardigan in the same post.. yet here we are. There’s actually a tank top under all that leather panelling but you can’t see it in the pictures above. Somehow it reminds me of the batwing trend, just a little reversed. Looking at the photos and all I can think is wow i am so.. blonde. The things sunlight and urbanhair can do to a girl. Today’s outfit is so dark, explaining the slightly misleading post title, but hey, whatever works right? Softened it slightly with pink lipstick and red rimmed socks for a slight pop of color. It’s something I’d wear to school, so liberating to be on ground level if I’d just let myself admit it. Suddenly everything seems taller in comparison.

Anyway, what better way to safeguard against theft than scrawling your name all over your stuff? Snupped very generously let me custom design my own laptop case and Amanda signed it off for me – it’s the same logo you see on my blog header and I’d like to see someone steal my laptop case now. Ha! It’s like a huge nametag. And on the topic of laptops – we’re on week four of school, which is about seven shades of ridiculous, because did we not just start this semester or..? I still feel like it’s 11am on a saturday morning, all the time. Also, in other academic news, I’ve been placed in my first choice school, the University of Stuttgart, Germany, for the next semester so HELLO 2014, you’re looking good.


PS. Very excited about this also, you guys have been requesting this episode for a VERY long time so here we go, an episode for That F Word with H&M styling Andrea’s qtpie brother Christopher here!