Hi guys i am having the most RIDICULOUS sunday I woke up went to church and got locked in the toilet for half an hour because the damn door decided to break down on me also my friends were completely unhelpful when I sent out an SOS for help Shane was like QUICK KNOCK ON THE DOOR BECAUSE KNOCK AND IT SHALL BE OPENED UNTO YOU and Lexy just went oh yeah… this happened to Jesus too i think, he was stuck in a cave and there was this rolling rock… because my friends are idiots anyway in the end I jammed the door open with two screwdrivers passed under the door and nearly dismantled the doorknob in the process and I guess the moral of the story is that I am a SURVIVOR and also that you can unscrew yourself from any situation where it looks like you’re screwed.. or something. Ok that’s all.

Happy Sunday everyone and September this better not be your idea of a month.


PS. Didnt mean to push the post down but i just had to come online and rant about this so yes please refer to previous post below for a giveaway on your DREAM SHOE. DREAM SHOE, YOU HEAR ME. Ok bye.