Detailed Top from Bangkok | White flowy blazer from Bangkok | Skirt from H&M | Shoes custom designed c/o The Shoemaker’s Elf | Photography by Adrian and Ceph from Uniquecolours

Sitting amidst fabrics and oriole coffee on an innocent enough afternoon discussing every girl’s dream- shoes. Or every girl’s dream shoe, if you want to go into detail. I’m super excited to be announcing The Shoemaker’s Elf as my new shoe sponsor- especially because it’s so reflective of my own (and anyone’s) personal style. Ok going to stop talking in riddles and give it to you straight:

The Shoemaker’s Elf is a super brilliant dream shoe concept brand where you design your own shoe, right down to material, fabric and heel height. How it works is, you make a booking with them, they come right to your doorstep whipping out the magic book of fabrics and color samples, and you get cracking. It’s what I imagine getting married would be like, do you get to choose your own fabric and shades of white for your gown? I dont know, I’ve never actually been.. married. Kindergarten to that boy in the playpen during recess doesnt count. And anyway I’m digressing again.

How many times have you found the perfect shoe in Aldo or Topshop only to hate one tiny detail, like its heel height or some ribbon applied to the front? How many times have you ordered some lovely shoe online only to have it arrive a bit too small? It’s the same logic behind the brand- why pay a hundred bucks a pop (and that’s stretching it, for Aldo. Those kicks are at least one fifty) for a pair of shoes you dont wholeheartedly love, if you could pay the same for a pair of shoes you designed, handmade by skilled artisans, and fit perfectly to your own measured foot size? Dazz Right. The game has been changed.

There are over 100 materials to choose from at any one point in time, and they keep getting refreshed based on season and so on. There’s also an online designing option but I much prefer and recommend the personal appointment because you really get to feel the fabrics, and there are far more designs than those presented online. Oh and spinning off my earlier (sorta) point on marriage, wedding shoes are also offered! This includes a personalised appointment to visit textile merchants where customers can pick own materials so you can literally have your shoes match your dress down to a T.


Sup guys, I’ve wanted to be a princess since I was a kid but I guess i’ll have to settle for fairy godmother this time round. Granting one girl her dream (shoe) come true – all you have to do is design your own shoe online, screenshot it, and email it to me at

Giveaway will run for two weeks till the 14th of September, 2359, and I’ll pick one design to be sent off to the elves for actualization. I guarantee you, the personal booking experience is so much more luxurious and fun but I cant have all of you trooping down to choose designs in person, so let’s do this online. Don’t worry- when you meet them you can still change bits of your design if you see new fabrics you like better- just show me what you imagine you dream shoe to be like.

example of what online designing looks like

It’s such a cheat code but I’d totally copy designs I’ve always wanted but couldnt afford off Manolo Blahnik or something. Anyway, for people looking to buy these shoes, if youre not keen on designing, they do have preset designs you can just tweak to your own preferences. It’s so perfect because these are actual, high quality hand made shoes, which is essential because when you prance around in heels as much as I do, you better make sure your heels are a good quality pair that won’t hurt your feet!

Color coordination level: obvious. Paired these sunny babies with a blue and silver embroidered white top got off the asian wonder that is bangkok. Hugest of thanks to The Shoemaker’s Elf for the experience and giveaway, and Adrian and Ceph from Uniquecolours for the photos! Small note- if anyone’s interested, uniquecolours is going to Paris next April for couple shoots so if you’re a couple and you want a shoot, tag along.