You know, I’ve heard of the sports shoe trend in Korea but I never really got it till now. Who wears sports shoes with a dress anyway?! In any case, I maintained that sports shoes were ridiculous unless worn in the gym until my first day in Seoul… when I promptly ditched my heels for a pair of sneakers from one of the boutiques in Edae. The floors here are insane, they’re incredibly bumpy and I swear I’ve walked up some 45 degree slopes here. Who needs to go to Jeju for hiking? I’m doing enough trekking here in Seoul city.

Anyway if it isn’t painfully obvious already, I’ve been spending all my time sneaking photos of passerbys and hoping I don’t get caught and beaten up. Wandering around the city murmuring fascinating! to myself and getting weird stares from strangers. Ah well. My host was cheerfully regaling the virtues of korean hair salons to me – which isnt without basis, the koreans have got the coolest hair as a general standard, see above re: first pic and also another one here. Loving the color play.

In more relevant news, I put a photo of my socks up on instagram and it seems to be pretty popular so I went back to the shop and bought another.. ten pairs of the same thing. Holding an instagram giveaway at the moment here– just like and comment with one interesting thing about Korea and I’ll do a random draw at the end of my trip. Please be from Singapore because it really doesnt make sense for me to ship socks overseas. Might do a couple of other giveaways if I find things in Korea that are affordable enough but dont be expecting clothes or anything because 1. everything in korea is actually mad expensive im dying right now and 2. I’m basically a pretty broke student because I’m saving up for exchange. So for the moment make do with socks and cyber-hugs from me xo


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