I don’t often come on here rambling about television shows, okay, fine, I do sometimes, but rarely do I get so sucked into a series that I sit down and commit to writing about it. Earlier this week Su told me to go watch this BBC series called Orphan Black and when I protested that I had no time she basically yelled “It’s about clones, it’s really good, just watch it”.

I finished the entire season in two days.

The show is fantastic. I’m not a huge sci-fi fan, I’ve watched like one star trek movie under heavy coercion and i fell asleep during star wars (sorry boys) so I was really hugely skeptical about this series, but the only other BBC drama (sherlock) I watch proved amazing. I surprised even myself when I picked it up on a whim, really. The show is a mix of scifi, ethics and morality, mystery, feminism, i dont even know how to classify it because it takes on so many issues at once in the short ten episode season. Scripting and casting were both precise and beautifully executed. It’s about clones, yes, but I really cant tell you more than that or I’d spoil the show for you guys. All the different clones are played by this relatively unknown but completely amazing actress Tatiana Maslany, who just won a Critics Choice TV award for her performance here and really also needs to win like five Emmys because she plays about seven different characters and all so incredibly convincingly.

I don’t want to ramble but it looks like I already have, so guys please pick this series up, easily my favorite show in 2013. And that’s saying a lot given how I’m a hardcore HIMYM and TVD fan.

Recommended: Yes, Yes and Yes.

Amongst other things it must also be said that I took a photo with Justin Bieber this week.

(I feel so silly but even after like years I still have to type bieber into the search bar to make sure I didn’t accidentally spell it beiber or beaver or something)

Much of this week I spent catching up with friends new and old, which is something I’ve regrettably not had much time to do because, well, life. Which is the generic answer to all things. Dinner with PGC, lunch with cinch and drea, miracle in cell no. 7 (that show is so good i watched it twice in theaters EVERYBODY PLS WATCH) with Jane, Fashvacation’s Fashion in a City with Candice and catching some summer sun with Lex. It occurred to me sometime during the week that I’ve not been this relaxed or generally happy since my post O level break at sixteen. What I am saying is, life is good.

Something else I’ve been spending all my time with:

All the way from my best friend in the UK- say hi to my new baby, the Barnes and Noble Nook! I’ve wanted one for ages, and I’ve been reading nonstop on this baby: Murakami’s What I talk about when I talk about running and Gaiman’s American Gods so far. It’s incredibly light and just like paper, i love it. Apparently I dont need to charge it for two months which is great because I am so scatterbrained I’d totally forget to plug it in and then get mad when it dies on me.. much like my relationship with the iphone. The ebook vs real book debate has gone on for so long it’s even been proposed as an A level GP question, but honestly I spend close to three hundred bucks each semester on books I keep forgetting to bring to class, so this portable library really makes so much practical and economic sense to me. So much love.

PS. Most common question I keep getting asked: Why not a Kindle?
Because I hate amazon and I’m boycotting them thats why. So there.

Hope the week has been going great for all, have a great weekend up ahead 🙂