So while the haze was making everywhere out the window look like a low budget MV, a bunch of us hid in the gorgeous D’Good Cafe down at Holland Village, filming an ep of On The Red Dot for Channel News Asia. It’s an ep on social media and how we’re all addicted to it- they made us play the phone stacking game, you know the one where you’ve got to stick your gadgets in the middle of the table and the first person to touch their phone has to pay for lunch? Yeah. I hate that game. I’m guaranteed to lose. It took some kryptonian level of self restraint to sit there and sip from my latte and try very hard not to make eye contact with the phone.. never again. Other things from the day include andrea yelling at me to STOP SWINGING ON THE DAMN SWING YOU’RE NOT A KID and messing around with masks courtesy of Amanda (whose beautiful handwriting also responsible for my blog header check it out.)

(s/o to plain vanilla, one of the best cupcake places in town and a must-visit every time you hit up holland v)

Anyway, yes, that was the day the haze hit an all time ridiculous high of 3-400 and I staggered around dramatically muttering we are all going to die while clutching my throat.. drama queen or not in any case i was plagued by chronic headaches and nausea wednesday through friday and I am so glad it is all seemingly blown over. Also, before i forget- the episode we filmed will be out July 10th on Channel News Asia, Channel Five, and XinMSN. Get ready to laugh at our horrific levels of self control.

I’m top to toe here in H&M, something i kinda only realized when I got back. Purple blazer, white tank top, and dark blue jeans all purchased over the past year, with the jeans being most recently bought last wednesday at the H&M Vivocity’s private media launch. Everything was cheerfully marked down and served with champagne and canapés, and it kind of seemed like everyone was there too- and i mean everyone, its a toss up on whether there were more clothes or people i bumped into. Still, great buys- and from the media warehouse tour drea and I attended last month, the upcoming collections hitting stores in the next quarter are fantastic. Keep an eye out.

Something im incredibly excited over: the isabel marant x H&M collaboration coming in the later part of the year. I don’t suppose it’ll be cheap but it’s definitely going to be way more affordable than the original brand, and I love her pieces. Growing up watching Rumi Neely parade around in her sweaters and sneakers would cultivate that in anyone.



Deep breaths all around.