Photos courtesy of Drea. Those are her nails up there too, im terrible at taking photos of my toes and i get shadows everywhere so i thought i’d show you hers instead.

Playacting as eskimos in snow boots at The Nail Artelier‘s soft launch last week with Andrea, honestly never have my feet been so pampered .. ever. My typical treatment of my feet start and end with me stuffing them into ridiculously high heels and then tottering around in them for hours. Yes it’s overcompensation for my height, shush. Imagine my (pleasant) surprise when they were scrubbed, soaked, exfoliated and painted over in the softest of gellish purple hues. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury I am a princess. I’ll expect to be treated like this at nail parlors from now on, it isn’t fair, i’ve been spoilt for life.

It’s also probably a good time for me to mention now- the entire place is Alice in wonderland themed, which explains these gorgeous tea party cups:

Oh, my heart. They officially specialize in nail art and unofficially specialize in being whimsical and adorable, obviously. In any case, so fitting it is that they’re nestled right up one of the streets with the most character in singapore. Now you know where to go after shopping at Haji Lane and before a girl’s night out at Bar Stories (s/o to one of my favorite bars in SG, what an absolute gem of a place).

The Nail Artelier
48 Haji Lane, Singapore (189521)

Tel: 6298 8028

Thank you for the invitation and new nails, The Nail Artelier!


PS. Drea and I shot an episode on How To Cut And Paste for That F Word recently (ok i kid, but it’s something along those lines). We also sing a lot in this episode. It’s so weird. I guess what I’m saying is something along the lines of stay tuned.

PPS. I watched Man Of Steel yesterday with Edwin. It was uninspiring. Several thoughts:
1. Henry Cavill is so good looking.
2. Good for Amy Adams she went from that ditzy girl in Enchanted to being Lois Lane you go girl!
3. Lol those Krypton floating handphones thingies are so extravagant but also kind of cool.
4. This storyline is incredibly straightforward did they forget to add in all the character development scenes.
5. Why are amy adams and superman making out they’ve only met like three times.
6. Dude, that Henry Cavill is so good looking.
7. The bad guy is so one dimensional lol
8. Hey superman’s dad is that police guy from les miserables! Bahaha what a drama king.
9. The girl sidekick for the bad guy is kinda pixie hot.
10.What is the point of superman’s cape sure it looks cool but it keeps getting caught in everything lol @ vanity. Aesthetics vs Practicality, Discuss.