More pictures, less words. Do people read text chunks anymore or are the blurbs just necessary accessories? I don’t know, but either way. Drea and I attended the showcase of Zardoze’s latest collection at the Audi Fashion Festival 2013 tonight, so many good looking people under one (tent). It’s so biologically inconvenient that we (i) perspire because the weather today was seven kinds of ridiculous, I was so glad for the airconditioning indoors. Shout out to Willis Haviland Carrier, inventor of the air conditioning system. But I’m digressing, this is supposed to be a post about high fashion, not household electronics. Here’s my gorgeous date for the night:

And you can stalk her online here and here and here, where she will undoubtedly be posting more close up shots of her OOTD and beautiful face. If you like our hair- we both got it done earlier in the day at Urbanhair Tangs, and if you’ve been keeping up with our latest episode they’re also offering a 25% discount of all hair services to our viewers, so get glamorous. It’s fashion week after all. So much love for the team at Urbanhair! Other nice things include bumping into familiar faces pre-show and at the reception:

Full lookbook here.

I didn’t manage to get that many clear shots of the runway show itself because the lighting, while gorgeous in real life, was generally confusing on camera, and also because I don’t have a five thousand dollar DSLR so i’ll just wait for the press release pictures like everyone else. The entire night was a vague blur of fabric, fluff, skin, and non-specific fabulousness, but I remember being very impressed with the Zardoze Panthea collection especially, pieces after pieces with feathers piled on (didnt manage to get a shot of those.)

If you really want to be blown away, check out the half a million dollar diamond dress here:

Other things i remember: wrestling with the concept of straws, teeth, and lipstick, wondering if I could actually hop in one of them audis for a photo (the answer is no), flirting with the AFF boys (ok, kidding, just our friend Emmanuel), trying to deal with my general starstruckness and trying to chase Fann Wong down for a photo… and failing miserably. I’m not even kidding, i nearly expired when she arrived because hello, the return of the condor heroes anybody? I watched that show like the drama addict i was from my tender kindergarten years and devoured the original Louis Cha comic books. When I first saw Fann in her Xiao Long Nu get-up I thought i’d been hit by one of those visions. Of an angel. But for all that yabbering I didn’t manage to get a photo with her… and I will regret that to my dying day.

Alright, enough with the melodrama. Lovely, lovely night, thank you so much Zardoze Singapore and Estelle for the invitation, Drea and I had a great time! Zardoze is available at Robinsons level 2, Raffles city, Centrepoint Orchard Singapore, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Jakarta Indonesia, for anyone interested 🙂 You can also find them virtually here:

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Twitter & Instagram: @zardozefashion

Another round tomorrow, so hit us up anyone if you’re going to be at tomorrow’s Audi Fashion Fest. In the meanwhile, what it is is time to sleep.