Andrea and I received a happy surprise sometime yesterday- we’re cover girls for the summer issue of Orange by NTUC Nebo; WHAT, UP.

Indulge me, guys. Pretend you care.

We gave the interview sometime last December- check it out, I still have my old hair then! Funny thing about that, actually, we gave that interview the very morning of our Urbanhair appointment, so the shoot for the magazine feature is literally the last anyone ever saw of my original ombre. It’s not the first interview we’ve given together, but it is our first cover feature ever, so i think it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited. I mean its quite cool right. Right? Ok. I shall groveling for validation here. A million thanks to the editorial team for the lovely feature, and for their blatant disregard of personal property in the best way ever- we hijacked a temporarily vacated buggy for the shoot, it was the funnest shoot ever. Because, living life on the edge and all that.

Other causes of excitement lately include this huge life sized Hello Kitty balloon I’ve made friends with

Met at last Saturday’s NUS Temasek Hall’s dance production, Dreamcatchers ft. Ranice Tan. Full attendance for the PGC is what is up.

Now I can legitimately say I’m friends with a lead dancer. Sweet. Ranice was stunning on stage as always, all these dancer friends leaving me struggling with Counterstrike and enviously staring after their level of hand eye coordination. Ah well.