What an awful lot of squares. It was instax week you guys, a self declared one but instax week nonetheless. I went through two and a half sets of film cheerfully trying to document what the happiest years of my life are supposed to look like with a kind of quiet desperation for a future me. It is so neat that nostalgia can be framed and marketed and developed within 90 seconds. While this week is undeniably one of the more stressful weeks of the semester (deadlines, hss week, more deadlines) somehow on friday night i sat down and thought to myself i am just so, so happy. I know, i know, happiness is such a trivialized emotion, but i dont care.

Other thoughts i found myself in possession of:

– i am so glad for the people in my life
– lol so emotional
– but i really love everyone who is currently in my life
– also havent had salmon for quite a long time
– whats this i hear about some death wish coffee

Various times during the week when deadlines and work got a bit too much great things happened. I ran out on a spontaneous adventure (lol @ the easy use of the word adventure) with candice edwin and martin, which spotted all around jurong and ended at 4am with zombie hide and seek at a 24hr ntuc (when it’s supposed to be like regular hide and seek but everyone is too much like a zombie to get any real playing done). Also in the line of firsts i played counterstrike with cindy, shane, chris and seth, got motion sickness and threw up everything in my stomach. Obviously i have no aptitude for violence, except i actually do want to try it again, maybe sans the throwing up this time. Because adventure is out there, caw caw caw.