Hello hello from HSS WEEK 2013: NEON – generally it’s been a completely busy blur of noise, color and helium. Second year running in the school’s main management committee and I have to admit, it’s nostalgic and kind of nice watching the new Social directors take charge. The double exposure of memory kicks in- a younger messier version of myself running around shoving cake at people and trying to make sure things vaguely made sense. It’s mid week now and I’ve been helium hacking people (it’s like a dance dare except you tie helium balloons to people’s bags when they’re not looking) and yelling into microphones; I hosted HSS Night/ IDOL last night with Shane and felt appropriately mum-like when Cindy emerged top. The marriage of HSS Week with academia obviously means very, very little sleep, and I dragged two thesis papers from the trainwreck of childbirth this week with a few miscarriages along the way. Markers of time being one, two hours of sleep and then waking myself up with morning roommate duets congratulating myself ‘you do not look at all like you slept at 7am CON-GRA-TULATIONS you win at life!’ I’m dead on my feet, right now I’m sitting in a corner of a particularly boring class a whole bunch of balloons attached to my bag with Marcus on the other end of the table refusing to sit next to me because i look ‘too cheerful.’ This is college life. If you dont give two hoots about academia, come to college regardless. Simply the best years.