I basically spent the last three day romping around sentosa with some of my favorite people courtesy of playboy vip. You can tell from the judging looks the rest of the guests at the Equarius hotel lobby gave us that they thought we were all spoilt kids which just cements the fact that i am being so, so, incredibly pampered by the companies i work with. On monday after a shoot for That F Word, they sent a limo down to pick me up from where i was having lunch with the clicknetwork team, send me to the RWS Equarius Hotel to meet Lorraine from Star Asia, and check me in for the next couple of days. The entire thing was insanely thoughtful from start to end, i did so much shit i would never be able to afford on my own thanks to them: staying in the crazy luxurious five star Equarius, pointing at fish with Mart at the SEA Aquarium, screaming my lungs out at USS with Candice Edwin and Martin, sending a limo minibus to pick us up after check out and drop us back into reality, right down to making sure we smelt good the entire trip. My room is currently stocked with playboy VIP fragrances, i guess i know what im going to be smelling like for the next five years. Yum.

There’ll be another full blown post with pictures of fish and all coming up soon, after i edit the something like 2k photos we took, but i just had to drop by to say thank you to the following people: Playboy VIP, Star Asia, Coty, and FOX cable tv, for your incredible generosity and for sponsoring the entire holiday + activities. Special thanks to Lorraine from Star Asia who coordinated, managed, and pulled together everything with a smile. Thank you so much to all of you guys, and continually thank you as i spray on memories every morning for the next few years.