This is the promised post that i’ve been dangling in front of you guys for the last few weeks. It was all relatively amusing till people started shouting WHERE IS IT YOU PROMISED at me in public (well, kinda) so I thought ok here i go. I’m giving away a ASOS Gift Card worth £150 GBP (equivalent to approx. S$300) at the end of this post, so very kindly sponsored by my favorite bank FRANK by OCBC Singapore so do say thank you to them here.

Most of you will already know that FRANK by OCBC is my favorite bank- so many reasons why, from the customized designed card to the minimalistic and gorgeous online ibanking page to the fact that i hardly have to queue at their ATMs and can happily smirk away at all the people lining up at the other ATMs during lunch hour.. of course there is also the fact that they have been nothing but lovely to me since two years back when i first started university, plying me with salmon and parties. Their twitter page is a load of fun as is their facebook campaigns and i could go on forever but that isnt even the point of the post because this is:

I know right. What is $720 dollars? About a trip to taiwan or possibly even korea, depending on how smart you are with your cash flow. Definitely Bali or Bangkok. Or if you don’t like traveling, it can probably get you a pretty sweet new bed- and who doesn’t like sleep?

See, i told you so. Images taken from the IKEA Singapore catalogue.

FRANK has rolled out it’s new credit card catered to people keen on online shopping- which explains the $300 ASOS voucher, given how it’s one of the most popular online retailers on the world wide web. Their interest in online shoppers isnt unfounded either: the Visa eCommerce Consumer Monitor 2012 survey says that 90% of Singaporeans say they will make online purchases in the next 12 months, and young adults surveyed allocate an average of 15% of their monthly disposable salary for online shopping. And if you think about it, it’s true (at least for me) – i pretty much try to pay for everything online so i dont have to handle cash: shopping, air tickets, hotel bookings, even food deliveries i pay by card.

So where does this $720 rebate value come from?

Broken down if you’re a table kind of person:

In a nutshell, you’ll get 6% rebates for online purchases (capped at S$60/mth), which is currently the highest rate offered in the market, and an unlimited 0.5% rebates on all other spends, simply by spending S$500 or more per month.

As you can imagine, this is pretty frustrating for me since I’m not yet 21 and therefore dont quite qualify for a credit card. Ugh. You can bet the minute i turn 21 I’m converting my debit to a credit card though, if only for the convenient fact that i’ll never need to top up my ezlink card ever again:

(This is a bit off point but i am aware that there are quite a bit of you younger readers here so the credit card thing may not necessarily apply to you- giveaway is still open to you guys- but as a side note PLEASE check out the FRANK by OCBC debit card it is the best thing ever and so pretty, you’ll never regret it. I didn’t.)

I also love that FRANK has the most fantastic flash benefits catered towards the young shopper- i just saw this on facebook a couple of hours ago:

You see? They know what you want. I’m not necessarily saying that what you want is forever twenty one but you get what i mean. It’s really a bank catered to teens and young adults, and i’ve never regretted going FRANK.

Wow i am so off topic i originally came on to talk about the rebates and then i got carried away. But that’s okay because it’s what happens when you love something: you get carried away. Valentine’s day messaging right there.


Here we are at the end of this relatively short post, and here are the coveted giveaway details (cue: finally):

All you have to do is retweet my tweet regarding this post

And at the end of a week I will throw everyone’s name into a random generator and one lucky reader can shop him/herself to death on ASOS with a S$300 voucher! Giveaway ends 16th Feb midnight, and I’ll announce a winner soon after.

Good luck you guys and thank you so much FRANK by OCBC for sponsoring this giveaway- so super generous of you!

Happy Chinese New Year to one and all. x