Since young the words total defence mustered up colors like the humid yellow quality the grass took on under the sun we were made to stand on for hours during safety drills. Red, the color splashed against all the TD logos, and violet, the color of the discipline mistress’ shirt when i was first caught hiding out in the toilet to avoid the drills.

For some reason everyone’s idea of defence is one involving marches, guns, and army tanks, which isnt so far off except it is, isnt it. Somehow, no one seems to remember that Total Defence comprises of more than the physical- besides military, economic and civil, there’s social and psychological defence as well, which is honestly much more relevant to our everyday life. Remember the conversations with my cat regarding the worst days of my life? That wouldn’t even have happened without the ingrained mindset that all people are inherently racist- ok, that and the easy availability of alcohol.

Regardless, when I was engaged for this year’s Total Defence 2013 campaign- Stand with Me– i thought it was a perfect marriage of the chance to give a little something back to you guys who have been following me for a long time (yep im giving away an ipad mini, read on) as well as do my bit for the relatively unseen social and psychological aspects of TD. Ok i know it sounds kinda cheesy but im actually really excited about this because 1. its a really feel good kinda campaign and 2. its gonna give me a really good chance to get to know you guys better!

Ok so this is where the ultimate 21 day challenge comes in:

For twenty one days from 26 jan (tomorrow) to 15th feb (total defence day), I’m going to be releasing mini challenges on twitter related to community and nation building. (If you aren’t following me yet, why not?) All you have to do is:

1. actually do them. (Im gonna require proof, like a photo or video or something ok)
2. tweet me back with your proof and the hashtag #standwithme
3. complete at least ten of the twenty one challenges anytime before 15th feb

and I’ll pick one at the end of the whole thing to win an ipad mini! Remember, i can’t see your tweet unless your account is public. You can also complete the task via instagram or fb etc etc as long as you give me evidence and follow my personal account. Also, do remember to hashtag #standwithme in your replies so i can track them! I’ll be updating this post regularly with a list of the different tasks so you can always come back to check what tasks you wanna complete! An example of the challenges i’ll be posting can range anywhere from learning to say hello in a different language (super easy please) to asking you to take a photo/video of someone doing an act of kindness (intermediate), which COINCIDENTALLY SPEAKING i actually do have. A video of random acts of kindness, i mean.

The clicknetworktv family’s Kindess Christmas video 2012 in which Andrea and I gifted tired students in singapore with coffee/tea. Of course i won’t expect something so elaborately orchestrated and edited but you COULD do something like that and maybe you’d get extra points from me 😉

Awesome? Awesome. Get ready for the most epic 21 day challenge ever you guys.

No more standing (or sitting) alone. Time to stand together y’all.

Cheesy? Yes. But it’s the best kind of cheesy when it involves the best causes.

Come stand with me you all. See you on twitter.



26th Jan task #1- IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY: learn to say ‘hello’ in a diff dialect &tweet/insta me back! #standwithme

27th Jan- IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY TASK2: prove that singaporeans can dress. tweet/insta me a pic of your #sgOOTD with the hash tag #standwithme and you might be doing it from an iPad mini soon enough 😉

28th Jan- IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY: name me your favorite local food! (mine is u-mian, I go crazy over the stuff)

29th Jan- IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY TASK #4: have a meal w someone of a different race, snap a photo, &send it to me!

30th Jan- IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY TASK 5: tag your best buds and thank them for being with you. #standwithme @cinchstolexmas @dreachong I LOVE YOU GIRLS X

31st Jan- IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY 6: tweet me a photo of a queue & tell me what they’re queuing for- ikr. so singaporean. #standwithme

1st Feb- IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY 7: tell me something new/ a fact about a culture that’s not your own!

2nd Feb – IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY TASK8: Name me a local tv prod you grew up watching! Mine’s CONDOR HEROES w fann wong.

3rd Feb – IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY TASK9: what’s the longest things singaporeans will queue for? Mine’s cab vs atm ugh.

5th Feb – IPADMINI GIVEAWAY TASK10: Your most kiasu SG moment. Mine’s waiting till 6pm for half priced sushi!

6th Feb – IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY TASK11: What’s your favorite childhood game? I rmb being quite shit at zeropoint lol

7th Feb – IPADMINI GIVEAWAY TASK12: SG studies as SG does.As a student, where did you study? (me:airport floor lol)

8th Feb – IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY 13: Happy CNY in advance! What are you wearing to your reunion dinner? This is mine.

9th Feb – IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY 14: how many of you are having reunion dinners tonight? Snap and send me a pic of your fav dish!HAPPY CNY #standwithme

10th Feb – IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY15: happy CHU YI! Tweet a pic of your YOUNGEST member. #standwithme have fun!

11th Feb – IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY task 16: name me your favorite cafe in SG! Mine’s Parlor by Ashley Isham. #standwithme

13th Feb – IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY 17: Back to school/work today? Tweet me a photo of your BTS expressions w yr friends! #standwithme

14th Feb- IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY 18: What’s your idea of a Singaporean Valentine’s Day? (words/ pictures, either are fine) #standwithme

15th Feb- IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY- FINAL TASK: tweet me a photo based on the theme #standwithme – I’ll enjoy seeing all your interpretations of it! ^^