early this morning i stared in the mirror and confirmed that mornings hate my face. I know it’s just an hour’s time difference and there’s no basis for whining about jet lag so i’ve concluded that what i’m suffering from is homecoming stress, being plunged right back into work and soon, school, after four days in complete relaxation. ah well. back in chronology- i hopped on a train completely uncoordinated and sleepy and confused and upset by the state of morning to Westwood Bowl with Candice and Edwin for ISG Bowling where our team placed first and I placed last in post-bowling daytona. The plus side to this is that the car i was driving actually went in the right direction instead of going against traffic flow like the last time. Baby steps.

i headed back to meridian impromptu after that for the meridian open house- initially i thought i wouldnt be able to make it because of isg but turns out the game ended early. I dont know how else to describe the open house besides a flurry of excitement rolled in with nostalgia and a lot of shouting. Everything and nothing has changed all at once. The most wonderful two years of my institutionalized study- any post-O level kid should definitely consider meridian- we’ve the most fantastic principal and an insanely nice and clean campus (i dont know how to emphasize how important this is). It’s been two, three years and still you feel so freakin proud of your school even when the faces phase through and are now unfamiliar. You can physically graduate but i dont think you ever really leave meridian.

And bam, you have an episode of Arrested Development right there.

Go blue birds.