We’re back in singapore after four full days of filming and shopping. I’m starting to think that bangkok should be a twice yearly thing- once to shop and again to shop some more. This trip i spent a lot of time alone- drea and I are both pretty independent people so we were comfortable just wondering off on our own for hours on end, something i liked. Traveling alone you end up chatting and hanging out with complete strangers a lot more- obviously i was born without the STRANGER DANGER!!! gene. It felt like i saw a lot more of bangkok this time round- previously it was literally just shopping and the palace, but this time we also visited a lot more places (i look the train a lot!!!) and saw a completely different side: not just the poor, but the rich too. Places like A square and Asiatique- i dont know why but it touched me on a deeper level seeing cafes and mini village-style shops where possibly students hang out after school or people go on first dates.. it humanized the country on another level somehow, made it more than just a shopping destination for me. Nearing the end of the four days i thought to myself i can imagine coming back again soon… problem being, of course, that i can imagine myself going back to nearly every country i visit.

Still, touchdown in singapore and you look around you and see the slight wonder in the eyes of first timers disembarking on the plane, feeling a surge of pride for your own airport and country. We can wander but we’ll always be glad to be home.

I may or may not be back with a longer bangkok post, but honestly- i fell in love with bangkok this trip. And im not just referring to my new wardrobe all decked out in spiffy new outfits for the new school term due.