Possibly one of the things i regret about the holidays is that i hardly write anymore. I’m not talking about blogging, because i do that still, even if it’s getting less and less regular and coherent thanks to work and sleep and things like that. Things like poetry and prose which sound incredibly sappy and pretentious when typed out as such- but honestly, i was glad for my creative writing mod last semester which gave me an excuse to be writing regularly under the guise of schoolwork. Year end ennui or writer’s block, either way, i’ve just made the plunge and filed for intention to pursue a minor in creative writing in college- i know it’s going to be a bit hectic and i’m going to be getting less sleep than ever for taking on a minor on top of a double major in college, but hey, im just reading and writing my life away, which is all i’d ever wanted to do anyway. Besides, writers weren’t meant to sleep much- i might just be subscribing to the poverty stricken stereotype of writers at midnight by grimy windows and overdosing on caffeine while bleeding poetry, but don’t we all?

On a separate note ive been getting so many emails and formspring questions on books and reading, and i dont know how many of you actually pick up books i recommend, but the very thought that people are thinking about reading more really heartens me! ok, that sounded cheesy right there. What i am saying is, if you read i will be your friend on goodreads. Come and e-read with me.