Were there actually chives in the delicious brunch of scrambled eggs we had? I have no idea (and a sneaking suspicion the answer is no), but ever since watching the perfection that is gordon ramsay and his scrambled eggs, i’ve always associated them with any form of eggs im ingesting at the moment. Hm. Moving on before the awkwardness of that sentence structure gets to you- i had brunch yesterday with Christel at the Coastal Settlement. Truly a place displaced in time- we lounged around for a couple of hours before realizing that it was getting late. It’s impossible to feel panicky or worried in this place- it’s like a little dempsesy, but in the east. (On a separate note, i visited dempsey for the first time yesterday- but that’s another story)

We ordered a classic brunch set, a salad, and a soup to share- i dont remember the exact menu names of all the dishes except the soup (Ocean Tales), because, wow i could subsist on that alone. Incredibly flavorful, served with a side of the lightest toasted bread for dips, and you’ve got to love the fact that it comes in the same nostalgic soup pot your grandma used to use.

On the other hand, somewhere this precious of course comes with a host of other challenges, a bit like when you have to clear all those levels on supermario to get to the princess. It’s incredibly hard to get to unless you drive, and even cab drivers will have a bit of issue finding the place. If you’ve been to fairy point treehouse chalets you’ll know what I’m talking about- that place is similarly a narnian dropout, incredibly difficult to find. Or maybe that was because we were looking for it at night the last time we went down, im not sure. Either way, I dont recommend trying your hand at public transport.

Coastal Settlement
200 Netheravon Road Singapore
6475 0200

In other news, the new baby of the family and my new favorite- the furla candy bag in glitter gold to match the twinkling fairy lights up and down the length of town, also, the most dramatic bag i’ve ever seen or used. Despite being incredibly sparkly and looking like it was made of fairy dust it’s also insanely functional- i can fit my ipad, instax camera, and dslr in that with space left over for a novel, wallet, make up pouch and phone.. also consequently it weighs a ton and i can use it to thump any pickpockets over the head. Sweet. Thanks so much Bagaholic Boy! x