hi guys,

the CrocsSG x Jemmawei giveaway winners are out! @lowhuixian & @sayvalentine both win a pair of crocs, and @whynotearlier wins a $50 voucher! Congrats guys, and please check your twitter accounts for details on redeeming your prize. x

we ended today’s animation class with one of the best short feature films i’ve ever watched.

The Hand by Jiří Trnka was crafted as a protest against the conditions imposed by the Czechoslovak communist state to artistic creation and a powerful metaphor for what happened at czech republic at that time. Essentially portraying the absence of free speech as killing poetry, it’s one of the most heart wrenching, powerful, and amazing stop motion films i’ve ever watched. It’s just so, so good. A complete masterpiece in ten minutes- watch it, you won’t regret it.