INVASION, you guys, is what is up.
Ever since Marcus and Ju invaded our room and made us watch 2 hours worth of Gordon Ramsay videos, Cinch and I couldn’t get the amazing scrambled eggs out of our minds.

You know it.

Dinner tonight was breakfast in America, at least in terms of timing, and anyway anyone who restricts breakfast food to only the mornings ought to be shot.

Pancakes, strawberries, rocket salad, maple, and ramsay style eggs washed down with ribena.

So life changing. Never will we make our scrambled eggs any other way. For years I’ve been making shadows of scrambled eggs. This is what im talking about, you guys.

Other things i’ve been cookin-

Today’s Lunch. Baked salmon, rocket leaves, almonds, strawberries and meiji milk. It was just so good.

& last night’s dinner with cindy and marcus. Mac n cheddar, grapes, and rocket. I’m sure you can already tell, but i’m addicted to rocket leaves. It’s really a love it or hate it scenario, but the bitter taste just goes so well with everything else and balances out the saltiness of the rest of the dishes. I’ve been sold on it ever since my first bite into the Sumo Salad smoked salmon and feta cheese wrap.

I’ve been instagramming the crap out of everything, so you can and should follow me on instagram : @jemmawei

Anyway, Cindy and I went shopping for what has come to be known as our PILLOW FORT in ikea alexandra yesterday before grocery shopping opposite at anchorpoint’s cold storage (which i love, they have rocket leaves!! All JP’s NTUC has are lame red and green iceberg lettuces and things like that.)

It was an expensive morning is what i am saying. There’s just something about ikea that makes everything seem so fun, like you’re playing at being grown up and all interior designerish on a budget, until you hit the checkout counter and go.. oh. All those $3.90s and $9.90s do have a way of adding up, who knew?

We also launched our new college sweater yesterday night:

School spirit available at $20 bucks each, you all. More details here.

Oh yeah, in other news, Andrea and i also gave our first interview together to the Nanyang Chronicle:

My hair looks so yellow! I assure you, it’s more toned down in real life. Also the circumstances surrounding the shoot was generally rather embarrassing – i said hi to the wrong photographer, it was raining, my mouth was half full of pasta because we started the shoot in the middle of lunch.. anyway.

What else do i have to tell you guys? Not much, unless you’re interested in the endless books im reading for the incoming hell week. In just one week i’ve lived four lives- a spanish widow in the time of cholera, a fifteen year old child facing Armageddon, a fake french lieutenant’s whore, and the sister of the most famous mistress in the tudor dynasty. More points to you if you can figure out which books i’m referring to.

Thanks for all the entries for the Crocs shoes featured in the previous post, it’ll be running on till Sunday night, and in the next post i’ll probably be giving away a Carlo Rino Wristlet. So till then- keep safe, and charge on towards hell week.