Last night in the middle of our first official 9th HSSMMC meeting, Amanda turned to me and said your second episode is out? and from then on something switched off, an hour from then in the middle of a discussion i stood up blankly, went outside, sat on the corridor floor, and watched episode two of That F Word.

Guys i am so relieved i felt like i exhaled a huge breath i had no idea i was holding! I’m honestly so much happier with this episode, although i don’t remember half the things i said during filming. Above: my favorite pictures from that day’s filming because Cat. You can watch the episode here

And just so you don’t accuse me of appearing only to write a blogpost about myself, here’s another video for you:

AMAZING. My zooey deschanel prof screened it during graphic designs class, and it was the most incredible thing ever. Here’s another video she showed us:

Unbelievable and my heart aches for all the collateral damage that must surely rack its numbers in guitars, pianos, and so on, but seriously, this is fantastic. So different from the usual love song MV, though I’m not posting the lyrics here because everyone hates lyric posts.

Oh and lastly:
I’ve finally gone back and read through the comments for episode one. Thankyou to everyone who’s been so sweet, and for better or for worse I’m thankful that when flipping through hater comments in a slightly detached fashion the only thought that comes to mind is I kinda need to pee.