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Hi guys

Somehow it does seem like you eat more fish when you cohabit with a cat. Sorry, did i say cohabit? That’s one of those things that just sounds a whole lot more scandalous than it really is. I probably also shouldn’t mention that i also sometimes sleep with my cat. At least not online.

So besides lacing my words with innuendos and double entendres, i’ve also been celebrating my mum’s birthday with my family re: introducing her to the life of a teenager. Fish and Chips for lunch followed by lots of whining regarding the weather and then legendary U.D.D.E.R.S. ice cream after. And of course we all fell asleep in the car. What better way to celebrate one’s aging process than pretending to be a teenager? When i’m fifty i’ll chew gum, jaywalk, and pretend to rap to wiz khalifa.

No actual photos of my mum because she’s camera shy, or at least, proclaims to be. There are about five hundred photographs of her when she was younger and on the debate/basketball team. Seriously i don’t know how i got my lack of hand eye coordination with a genetic gold mine like hers. Maybe i was dropped on my head as a baby- i proposed this theory to my parents and then they kept very quiet so..

Happy birthday, mum!

Spent my evening also in lovely company, much enjoyed even if my dearest OG Klaus did try to kill me with cinnamon. But of course, that’s how we keep our relationship exciting and alive.