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It’s Sally’s 21st today- here are a few shots from her party a week back. It was held at Treehouse Villas which i had no idea existed until then, such a gorgeous villa you climb up winding steps carved out of wood to get to, with twine and a lot of brown and small eyes staring back at you from the bushes. Altogether a mythical place that’s difficult to find but over time you realize that the most geographically challenged places hold the best jewels. None as sparkly as the company there though; a cluster of the best personalities under one tree. Here’s to the most sensational 21st, Sally x

Recently i have contemplated the distance between the cusp of summer and it’s impending closure. In a bid to pick up the bits of idealistic notions i had at the beginning of summer i started chewing on books again- read two last night: The diamond guitar and House of flowers by Truman Capote, and am a fair way into Lolita. And as with the end of every long break i wonder what i have done of worth and stare at words that cannot translate to emotional, value. In my head i always project a future x value of my being within a certain time frame- three months ago i was certain i’d be not only a well balanced media professional by now, but also an EXPERT knitter who reads philo in her spare time (i kid you not, i downloaded all the harvard philo lectures on iTunes U and never returned) and of course after shaking off the water from three months i realize i am none of these and my mouth forms a surprised and slightly disappointed o.

Of course now a few things i have gained from three months outside the bracket of college include an in-depth knowledge of all the cafes and salons in the CBD, an ever intensified hate for excel and all its bloody.. boxes, and intimate knowledge on how to blackmail and scare the shit out of teenage girls courtesy of two seasons of Pretty Little Liars.

It feels like under the blankets would be a good (but unprofessional) place to be.