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Hi Guys,

So today i want to introduce you all to the place i work at. I’m actually really proud of it because 1. its insanely pretty for a office district and 2. its on the green line, dammit. I hate transferring trains.

Also feel like it would be appropriate to insert a disclaimer here that I’m completely pooped from an extremely long day so I’m relatively incoherent, do forgive.

All photo taken with the Alphamale– Sony’s a77. I took it out on a walk today during lunch hour.

Somehow, cab drivers always mistake this for the one on Orchard road. This is down Telok Ayer Street, and i sit in the Pekin office tapping away and bleeding words for hours on end.

Today, Mavis and I decided to hunt for food at our local farmer’s produce instead of going to a conventional cafe. Yes i meant Cold Storage.

I’m sorry, but what is this?!?! How amazing is this, guys???? Am i the only one seeing this for the first time??? Starbucks in a TAKEAWAY CUP IN COLD STORAGE??????

We didnt get that, though. We did get, however, yoghurt and some salmon cheese spread!

A bookstore which they… ok, i have no idea what they are doing to it WHY are there newspapers plastered all over the chairs???? It looks gorgeous though- i might come back to check it out soon.

Informative sign boards on the way back to the office. Yes, it’s a rockin crowd in these parts.

The Spinellis and Subway right below my office. Not pictured: Quiznos and a gazillion other cafes and bars peppered around the area.

It’s like living in a little bubble. You have 1. A coffee place 2. A food place 3. A toilet and seriously you don’t ever have to leave the bubble during working hours because theres nothing you lack.

It’s also very pretty. Which i think is a ploy, to visually appease you when you’re pissed off at doing four consecutive days of overtime or something like that.

above: 1. quick fix with jacobs crackers and salmon spread 2. sexy intern in the house

IMPRESSIVE RIGHT. Not the intern i mean, the entire area. Okay, fine, Mavis too. But mostly the entire working area. It’s really gorgeous, and picturesque, and i know this is true because we’re forever getting bombarded by tourists with their maps and huge cameras taking up our lunch seats and pointing at us going ‘look! asians!’ Okay, maybe not the last one. But you know when an office area is a tourist attraction.. its a pretty good district.

Besides my office, i’ve also been taking photos of Athena compulsively..

Is she not the most perfect being you have ever seen or what. Okay, easy now, enough, don’t get your drool all over your computer screen.

Other drool worthy things i have also been shooting include this:

and this:

Changi Airport’s Terminal 1 media launch event which i attended tonight, spent gazing at pretty kinetic structures and chasing kids for photos. It’s also a story that deserves its own post and not one paragraph tagged after almost like an afterthought, so till next time.

Thank you Sony + Waggener Edstrom Singapore for the a77, all the people eyeballing the alpha hanging off my hips are instantly giving me +10 street cred, and i promise not to drop it!