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Last week, Fanaa showed me this video in the office and I laughed until i cried and fell off the chair when i was actually supposed to be sitting in on an interview for our new intern.

can i get a OMG in here please? How amazing is this???? I really, really want to do something like this, except going to jail before the age of twenty isn’t really, you know. High on the bucket list. Does anyone know if you can get thrown in jail for scaring the crap out of members of the general public?

If and When i have a bit more spare cash i’ll buy the UO tiger buddy and get someone to video me running around scaring kids and abducting babies. A more peaceable alternative would be buying the Panda buddy and randomly hugging strangers sleepily but it’s out of stock.

In other news, I was pretty pleased that tonight two of my favorite people on earth managed to finally meet properly! Now, i don’t want any snarky comments about my cat not being a person. Main highlights of the night consisted fred trying out different names on Athena and seeing which one she responded to. We shortlisted Peabrain, Billy, Asswipe, Idiot, and so on. I think Billy kind of stuck though.

Other things Im pretty pleased about lately include finally managing to meet Candice, Edwin and Martin for dinner! In my head i dub them the sashimi lovin clan. Such rarity to find other people as enthusiastic as salmon as i am *.*

We went to this japanese buffet place at the basement of 313 somerset. I honestly don’t remember what its called. The food was unmemorable, save for this amazingly soft chawamushi and the buffet servings of RUNNY YOLKED RAMEN EGGS. I suppose it has location going for it, and also, price, but honestly anyone thinking of a japanese buffet in town should just walk down to OC and go to Kiseki (previously located at Heeren) or better, Ikoi at Miramar hotel.

And after that, Applebees- my first time in the Singapore outlet!

Finally- today i got too tired of waiting around and co-ordinating everyone’s free timings so i decided to just GO AND WATCH THE DAMN MOVIE MYSELF. Hurray to The Amazing Spiderman- though now that i think about it, I’m not sure if i preferred this one to the Toby Mcguire version.By virtue of all the pilates and chiropractic sessions I’ve been going for, for 60% of the movie i was thinking Boy does Andrew Garfield need to go to the chiro. Of course i got very excited about this movie though, because i love emma stone, like every other human being on this planet does.

Emma stone has this very funny horrified expression which i adore. I tried googling for it but i couldnt find a screen cap of it. I love emma stone so much i want to buy a miniature animated figurine of her and talk to her all day, like how Harry Potter had a miniature living Hungarian Horntail. I want to run up to her and pull her hair because that is how i primarily express affectionate emotion. Wow, i really need to stop talking like this on the internet. No wonder everyone thinks i like women. Well, i don’t. At least, not all the time. Bam.