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Hi Guys,

I saw this online and i just had to share it:

The proof that we are soulmates from Emanuele Colombo on Vimeo.

Slightly sexist, but how adorable is this? I now need to learn graphic design /animation because it obviously gets all the ladies. It’s right up there in my to-do list right alongside learning to drive, mastering oil paints, getting a skydiving cert, and all the other cool things i will never do.

In other news, I’ve been listening to a mixtape a friend sent over, and this song is completely stuck in my head.

An original composition, such a delicious voice, i have no idea why it only has 80k views on youtube when random videos of cats get like twenty two million views. No, this is not me being jealous that people like my cat more than they like me. Stop it, you.

Anyway. Lest you guys think i do nothing but sit at my computer the entire day watching youtube videos (i dont) (really) (sometimes i visit the toilet too), here’s a video courtesy of Syaf of last night. By virtue of 1. my insane schedule and 2. living in NTU during term time, I hardly see my old friends. Still, i had a great time at Su’s place last night celebrating Ra4dy’s birthday. Happy 20th, bro.

Syaf really does have an eye for these things.

We also planned to get ice cream after work today, escaping from the ridiculous weather in licks and drips. The plan was to hang out in town with frozen treats but no, XQ and Rady decided they’d really rather see my cat. Okay, then..

Ah, and lastly.
I completed Tender is the Night by F.Scott Fitzgerald last night on the train, it took me an abnormally long time to finish this one- I started it last thursday, but then there was the senior’s camp over the weekend.. excuses. The book is written beautifully, but it’s a little dark, and it’s not light reading so i wanted to really process it and some days i was just too tired to read more than a few pages. In any case, F.Scott writes so well, but lines like ‘her body calculated to a millimeter to suggest a bud yet guarantee a flower’ really makes me wonder just how much time Fitzgerald spent staring at young girls creepily, and if he were friends with a certain Humbert Humbert.

And for what I’m currently reading..
I walked into the office early on monday morning only to see this waiting for me on my desk. Only in advertising, you know. Only in advertising.

So yes, that’s what I’m reading now. Needless to say it drew me very strange stares on the train to work this morning. But hey- it also means i, and by proxy, you guys, get all these nuggets of information that I wouldnt know otherwise! Did you know that A&F started out as a Fishing gear retailer before it got all sexed up? No? Now you know.