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Hey guys,

Remember how in the last post I mentioned that Senior’s Camp 2012 was the most school-related physical activity you’d see me do?

Ha-ha. That was my attempt at being all sneaky and stuff because last week, Stooffi and I were kindly invited down by The Moving Body for a complimentary Gyrotonics session! Not technically school related huh. Anyway, to be honest, I didnt have too high hopes for this because of my previous disastrous yoga fiasco elsewhere, but boy oh boy was i wrong.

Gyrotonic sounds vaguely like a combination of ginger and tonics for pregnant women, but it’s really a type of exercise that works your muscles and supports your spine. It compliments the chiropractic practice, something i wrote on earlier in the month. Please read that post first to get a proper understanding of all the squishy bits in your back and why they’re important! It’s a public service announcement!

Stoof and I filmed a short video you can watch here

Credits to Stooffi for editing and putting it together.

The place took us awhile to find, but it’s really impressive- all wood and mirrors. And of course, shiny new gyrotonic machines that scared me quite a bit at first. Audrey (our personal trainer) was relatively amused when my first question was “will this make me taller?” (The answer was no. It will, however, make you stand up straight, which makes you appear taller.)

It’s difficult to put into words what exactly we did- the most appropriate adjective would probably be Stirring. You sit on the cushy bench and put your hands on these movable parts and stir dramatically. You do the same thing with your legs later on, but with these elastic hooks attached to the top of the machine.

Some photos:

Normally i dont really subscribe to things like these but Audrey very cleverly made us only do one side of our bodies first, and then feel the difference between our right and left body sides.

It was incredible.

I dont even UGH it’s so frustrating not to be able to accurately describe this feeling to a point. One side felt stiff, and the other felt amazingly fluid and soft, like a newly oiled car engine, or something. Yes, i just compared my shoulder to a car engine. Also, i’d always thought my shoulders were ok, you know, a little tired, but necessary package with the whole office life thing. TURNS OUT you never really realize how stiff they are until comparing them with a really properly relaxed muscle!

Also, you know how people are always saying things like “The best fashion accessory you can have is a piece of statement jewellery” or “A good pair of heels are the best investment a girl can make”? Don’t get me wrong, i love my shoes. But I’m increasingly believing that the best fashion tip is “Invest in your posture“. Your clothes fall on your frame better, you look taller, more awake, fresher, more confident.. My point is, of course, that we walked significantly better after the session. I felt like the soles of my feet had a lot more contact with the ground, if you know what i mean. And no, i didn’t take my height again, stop asking.

Gyrotonic is supposed to be for everyone, and I found it very helpful indeed (Steph and I were invited back for more sessions so you’ll be hearing a lot more on this), but my personal opinion is that it’s especially useful for our parents, or the older generation. When you’re fifty, you may not want to go running or start doing weights all of a sudden especially if you havent been going to the gym consistently, because, i dont know, what if you break something?? Besides, you’ll want to beware of your knees and bones and all that.. Gyrotonic is really low impact, and keeps your joints and muscles well supported and firm too. It’s definitely something i’d recommend to everyone’s parents or (grand?)parents.

If you’re apprehensive about cost or want to know more before committing to a package or long term thing, they have free trial classes available but they’re always busy so MAKE A CALL first!


I dont know why they didnt specify the popsicle here- it’s the POPAGANDA, the most amazing popsicle ever!!! Steph called it the indie popsicle. Basically it’s 75% fruit and 100% amazing refreshing coolness, and these pops are expensive. (They sell them at this health bar opposite my office, i know.) We had the Banana Dark Chocolate. You can only get them at 10 places in the whole of singapore, including Loysel’s Toy and The Pantry@Loewen Gardens!!!!!! You can tell how excited i am by all my exclamation marks, haha. In any case, like and follow them for your free popaganda 😉

The Moving Body
11 Unity Street, Robertson Walk, #01-23/24
Singapore, Singapore 237995
6235 1051

Many thanks to The Moving Body and Marc for inviting us down!