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Hi guys

HELLU FROM MALACCA! Well, i say that, but i actually have no idea where i am exactly. I know I’m slightly off the grid of Malacca, but besides that.. it’s trees all around for miles. If everyone drove off and left me here i would literally die.

Anyway. I came on today to show you all this fantastic social experiment based in New York. I saw it off Facebook shared by one of my friends, and I thought it was brilliant:

Essentially it’s a large scale truth or dare game based in Washington Square Park New York created by a curious copywriter, Chelsea Davison. Either you choose truth and expose your secrets to the entire twitter community by tweeting your answer to @truthordareNYC, or dare, and perform a ridiculous action in public. Watch the video.

Anyway, I’m in Malaysia now because my church is hosting their church camp here this year. I mean church camp in the loosest form of the word because we are doing nothing like camping. (Not that I’m complaining) The only thing similar to the actual camping experience is the mosquitoes, which permeate the entire air and are the bane of my existence. It’s more like a church forum actually, an open discussion on modern issues in the christian faith. I’m hoping to return to Singapore with a much clearer understanding and stronger faith.

It’s also somewhere i can demonstrate my LEGENDARY babysitting skills:

Yeah, you know it.

This also means a whole lot of Odelia, the cutest kid i’ve ever seen:

and impressing everyone with my multicolored hair:

Seriously. There was this one point in time where i was SURROUNDED by kids, half engrossed in the ipaddington games and half having the time of their lives braiding my hair while i read. I am truly an all in one entertainment center.

I’ve also been reading this:

I bought it at the Penguin Books Sale because i saw it and thought ‘no book by the author of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close can ever fail me’. It’s elegantly furious and very well written, though choosing to read a book that declaims eating meat altogether while on a church camp in the middle of a foreign land serving nothing but meat isn’t such a great choice. Also, it’s not like I can pop out and buy a caesar salad from the nearest Sumo Salad. See above re: in the middle of nowhere.

The resort is more like a chalet to be honest and is reasonably pretty but incredibly hot. It’s freaking catch 22 because either I stay in the lobby which has wifi but no aircon and get raped by mosquitoes or go up to my room which has aircon but no wifi and i can’t do my work.

It is at this point that i suddenly wonder to myself why I’m regaling the details of my life to random people on the internet. This is, I’m sure, partially fueled by the horrific barrage of mosquitoes that take me for their meal on wheels or something.