Currently listening to:it’s time by Imagine Dragons

every night i make the mistake of thinking i can finish up my work at home and then this happens:

about three days ago someone texted me a url i had forgotten about and i stared a little while at a few numbers that made no sense and thought the words ‘validation’ and ‘shallow’ in quick succession.

i did ‘vain things’ after work then went to the airport and watched my sister fly off to europe, an echo of a younger self two and then four years ago. i gave her popcorn and then asked her why she was wearing my jacket and she avoided the question so it is safe to assume there will be slowly discovered gaps in my wardrobe for the next few days probably at most inconvenient times.

today i watched my cat run into the wall and i thought to myself ‘i thought you were supposed to be an intelligent creature’ and then i realized i wasn’t talking about the cat at all.